We are a company founded in mid-2006. From the beginning our activity was directed towards the production and supply energy sector in biomass and agricultural sector with new generation of animal bedding.

To meet the needs of the market, caused by regulation of the ERO, which progressively oblige since 2008 to biomass of agricultural origin co-firing, since mid-2007 we have started construction of agro pellet production plant in Przytoczna with volume of output in amount of 50.000 Mg/per year. Full success of this investment and the total satisfaction of our customers with the product allowed us to conclude long-term agreements for the supply of biomass (energetic pellet) with such a concerns as the Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów-Adamów- Konin (Power Plant Team Pątnów-Adamów-Konin), Południowy Koncern Energetyczny/ Tauron (Southern Energy Concern/ Tauron), Dalkia Polska ( Dalkia Poland), PGE, EDF Energy(Energokrak). Result from the above facts is enormous demand for energetic pellets although proven technology and high profitability, higher mentioned factors have confirmed relevance of another investment of this type.

Now fully operational is also the second pelletizing plant in Słonsk, with volume of output in amount of 46.000 MG/ per year, meeting the most stringent European emission standards. Since mid-2012 we launched new pelletizing plant in Jordanow Slaski which is the newest unit in our group.

The supply policy of raw material in our higher mentioned plants, in which 80-90% Woodwaste acquires on its own equipment, starting from crops through haymaking, ballot and transport to our plants, higher mentioned actions guarantees security of supply for many years and also allow to conclude long-term contracts for delivery of biomass.

For this purpose, we established our own plantations of energy crops such as miscanthus, sorgum. We also collect material from the meadows and fields. Our three plants in Przytoczna, Słońsk, Jordanów Śląski,  with additional two franchise plants (Przasnyrz, Lubień Kujawski) allow us to reach the volume of output in amount of 250.000 Mg/per year.